Guide to WWDC19

From SwiftUI, RealityKit, to iPadOS. Find out what's new on the Apple platforms


Accelerate Your Team with Continuous Delivery

24 key capabilities that drive improvement in software delivery performance and, in turn, organizational performance...


Developer Experience at Facebook F8

Facebook built and open sourced many projects to make its developers more efficient. What can you do to boost your team's productivity?


How I learned Docker and deployed a Node.js server

It all started when I asked a friend for help on a project two weeks ago. Having to set up the dev environment for every new machine is tedious and could cause issues down the road. Since I’ve been meaning to learn to use Docker, I decided to dockerize the app, which is a Node.js server and a PostgreSQL database with PostGIS extension that will serve an API for an iOS app.


Instagram Stories: Strategy of Being Good Enough

Good-enough goes a long way when combined with network effect. You don’t always need to be better to win, you just have to rob your competitor of its appeal. Why would people stray if you provide convenience, even without quality. — Josh Constine